Lake Tahoe Massage and Skin Care New Schedule

The summer is winding down and I will have a new schedule for fall.

Monday 8:30-7:30

Tuesday 8:30-5:00

Wednesday Off

Thursday 9:00-7:30

Friday 8:30-6:00

Saturday 8:30-7:30

Sunday Off

If you call to make an appointment and I am not available to answer the phone please book online or leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 
Thank you. See you soon!

Facial Products at Lake Tahoe Massage and Skin Care

I’d like to introduce to you my new skin care line called Germaine De Capuccini.  This line was founded in Spain in 1964, by a woman named Carmen Vidal who wanted to create a line to provide the aesthetic professional with  the most effective treatments and homecare products.  She has succeeded in this.  The products are top of the line with only the highest quality ingredients used, all of their products are 100% natural from plant sources, they are dermatologist tested and FDA approved, testing is pharmaceutical grade which is higher than the standard required, they are environmentally safe, with no animal testing.

The line has more than 450 skincare products, with 25 facial treatments. I currently provide facials for anti-aging, oily/acne skin, dry/dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, a lift facial, and one for men. 

Come in to Lake Tahoe Massage and Skin Care today to experience a relaxing, results oriented experience.

Facials are here!

Hurray, I am now offering facials!  Skin care is so important for everyone, as we age our skin changes and with it we need to take good care of it.  In Lake Tahoe it’s especially important due to the dry climate and the changing weather, not to mention the amount of time most of us spend outdoors.  I’m using a fabulous brand of product called Germaine De Capucini, they offer the most amazing anti-aging treatments and homecare products I’ve ever used.  I’ll be telling you more about the products soon. The products make the facials so much fun to do, come in and see for yourself.