Fall in Tahoe

It’s hard to believe it’s already September and the summer is coming to an end.  This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the last weekend of summer for a lot of people.  I love the fall because the crowds thin out, the weather is still nice, and there’s still fun events  going on in town.  This weekend will be the Labor Day fireworks, I’m not a huge fan of fireworks, but I enojoy watching them here because the local radio station 93.9 has choreographed music with them.  I love that!  

The Lake Tahoe Marathon is another good time. It’s the week of  September 22-26, this 5 day event attracts a lot of people to Tahoe.  To find out more about it go to www.Laketahoemarathon.com.  I always work on participants of the marathon, (which has more than just the marathon), and this year I will be offering a $10 off special to all participants.  Book your appointment ahead and let me know that you’re a participant. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend, enjoy and be safe!


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