Recommendations for your Lake Tahoe Massage

There’s been a few things that I’ve noticed this summer that I thought I would address that pertain to massage. 

1.  Not a good idea to come in with a sun burn.  I won’t massage  someone who has a sun burn unless it is limited to an area that I can avoid.  It may not seem that hot on some days but the sun is very intense here at Tahoe and it’s easy to burn, so always put on your sunscreen before you go outside.

2.  Tahoe is a great place to party, please limit your alcohol intake the night before you come in for your massage and drink lots of water. Massage is pushing toxins from your muscles into the blood, so if you’ve had too much the night before chances are it’s still in your system and massage is not going to make you feel better. If you’ve been drinking the same day as your massage I will have to reschedule your massage for another day.  Massage increases blood flow therefore drinking is a contraindication.

3. During the summer Tahoe has a lot of road construction, please be prepared and leave a little bit early.  If you are going to be late just give me a call and let me know.

4. When calling to book an appointment if you’re not able to book online please know that I will call you back as soon as I can.  Unfortunately sometimes I go to areas that don’t have cell service and if I have a few clients at that location it may take me a couple of hours to get back to you.  Don’t worry my online schedule is always updated so I won’t miss any appointments.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer here in Lake Tahoe, I look forward to seeing you for your next massage.


My Massage Style

Each Massage Therapist that you ever receive a massage from will have their own unique style.  Today there are so many different types of massage and so many people teaching each different type. I have been trained in a number of different massage techniques. My style is a combination of the techniques that I have learned.  I love to give people a therapeutic massage, but I also want them to relax and not feel beat up, twisted around or sore once they leave my office.  My goal is for my clients to feel relief from whatever areas are causing them pain or discomfort, and to feel mentally relaxed from whatever stresses they may have at the time.  I was once asked if I do all of the types of massage that I have listed on my website and the answer is yes, otherwise I would not have listed them on my site.  However, I do not typically give just an acupressure massage or just deep tissue, I do a combination of all the techniques.

In my years of training some of the types of massage I have learned are swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, sports, reflexology, pregnancy, and hot stones.  These are the main ones that I combine.  If there is some type that you have heard of or have been given and would like again, ask and if I have knowledge of it I will offer it to you.  Remember though all massage therapists are different and what one offers, the next one may not so you need to find the person who can offer you the type that you enjoy and benefit from.

Booking Your Massage Appointment

When you call to book your appointment for a massage if I am not available to answer the phone you have the option of leaving a message or booking online.  If you leave a message I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.  Occasionally it may take a couple of hours to get back to you if I am very busy with back-to-back clients, however in most cases I will call you back within an hour.  Be patient  because I will call you back.

If you would like to book online hit the schedule now button and register to use schedulicity for free.  I have been using this booking system for a few months now and have found it to be very reliable.  Once you have scheduled an appointment I am sent an email and a text letting me know about the appointment.  If you write a message it may take a little bit of time for me to get back to you if I am with a client when I receive the message.

During the summer I am very busy and it is best to schedule your appointment ahead of time.  I do my best to accommodate everyone but am not always able to schedule same day appointments during the busy season.

Thanks for reading this, I look forward to seeing you for your Lake Tahoe Massage,


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