The Holidays are near!

This is a time of year when business tends to slow down while everyone is getting ready for the holidays.  While you’re hustling and bustling don’t forget to take time out for yourself, and remember to take care of yourself as well.  Not only is it time to prepare for the holidays, but cold and flu season is upon us as well so make sure that you’re getting enough rest, drinking enough water, and taking your vitamins to stay healthy. 

I am offering a special until December 24, 2010 when you buy two 60 0r 90 minute gift certificates you get a 60 minute massage free.  Massage is always a great gift.  So many people tell me they love getting gift certificates because they don’t always take the time for themselves so it forces them to come in and they’re always happy the did.

Stay healthy over the next couple of months,

I’ll see you soon, Jill


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