Using scheulicity

Schedulicity is the booking site that I use to book appointments online.  It’s been great during this busy summer.  It’s easy, free, and there’s no credit card required.  I recommend that everyone use it to book your appointments so that you get the day and time you want especially now when I am taking a little bit longer to get back to people due to my busy schedule. I’m sorry that it takes longer but I don’t always have time in between to return calls especially if I am at a house where I don’t have cell service. I’ll do my best to return calls as soon as possible.  A few things to note: 1) I will come to your house but you must book it as an outcall massage, this gives me extra time to drive to and from your house back to my office. 2) Outcalls are $15 extra per person this is for the convienence of me coming to your house and for my extra time that I have to get there and back. 3) Once you book your appointment it is booked there is no need to call, it’s a very reliable system.  4) For people who have never been here before I work alone so if you’re trying to book 2 or more people at once you won’t be able to, but I can see people back to back. 5) If the time you want is not available it’s because it’s already booked.  If you call and wait for me to get back to you you may miss another time that is available. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Thank you,



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